Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentimes Day!

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day – even when I didn’t have a significant other. There are some people out there (mostly girls, in my experience) that just want to ruin it for everyone because they don’t have anyone to celebrate with, and I think that’s dumb. The holiday just reminds them of how sad and depressed they are, because their happiness and self-worth is dependent upon having boyfriend. Without naming names, I can think of at least one girl in my high school that was the epitome of despondency and misery-wallowing each and every February 14th. Take a girl that’s annoying to begin with, and then add a strong fake-hatred for anything love-related, and you can begin to understand the headache she caused each year when she didn’t receive a thousand red roses and a giant teddy bear. Girls like her try to say that it’s not because they don’t have a boyfriend, but because it’s just a STUPID commercialized holiday and who cares about it, anyway???


Anyway, I’ve never been that way…I’ve always looked forward to Valentines. Even this year, when I only get to spend about 1 hour of it with Jon. He’s getting back from Regina (pronounced Ruh-JYNE-uh – insert immature giggling here) tonight around 9:00ish.

Oh, and we bought our tickets to Paris, hooray!!


  1. We don't make a big deal out of Valentimes day. He's playing basketball tonight, I'm doing yoga. We'll watch Lost together over frozen pizza. That's about normal for us.

  2. so what are the exact dates for paris?